Functions were originally described by psychologist C.G. Jung as different ways people judged and perceived information. He named these functions thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuition. Kepensky had a similar idea, called information metabolism, which Aushra Augustinavichiute combined into her theory of socionics.

Myers-Briggs Chart
Introverted Intuition Intuition Perception
Extraverted Intuition
Introverted Sensing Sensing
Extraverted Sensing
Introverted Thinking Thinking Judging
Extraverted Thinking
Introverted Feeling Feeling
Extraverted Feeling

Socionics Chart
white intuition time intuition of time irrational
black intuition intuition intuition of potentialities
white sensing sense sensational sensorics
black sensing force volitional sensorics
white logic logic logic of correlation rational
black logic profit business logic
white ethics relation relational ethics
black ethic emotion emotional ethics

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